Study visits to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

During the tour at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, you will pass along the famous “golden corridor” passing through the entire building. Through this corridor on the night of the accident on April 26, 1986, the personnel of the nuclear power plant moved.

You will see the place where nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy, huge turbines and high-power generators in the engine room, the reactor hall, where the nuclear reactor is located. NPP employees will tell how nuclear energy is created.

And reactor control panel - the place in which control over all nodes is carried out, starting from the reactor compartment and ending with the turbine.

You will see the mock-up hall of the ChNPP Administrative and Service Complex. The staff will introduce guests to the organizational and technical structure of the nuclear power plant, and tell how the mechanism of a nuclear power plant works.

Visits take place as part of a two-day tour!

  • mockup hall at the Administrative and Service Complex (ASC-1) of the ChNPP.
    Here, professional staff of the Chernobyl NPP will introduce visitors to organizational and technical structure of the nuclear power plant. With the help of visual layouts you can find out how the mechanism of nuclear power plant functions.
  • "golden corridor" extending through the building of the ChNPP.
    The famous and seems to be endless corridor. This is the place where the NPP staff was moving fast at the accident night on April 26.
  • the control panel of the reactor (CP). If the nuclear reactor is the heart of the ChNPP then the control panel is its brain. This is where the atomic titanium called unit is being controlled. Control over all nodes, beginning with the reactor department and ending with the turbine, is being led here. Professionals make decisions here. Made. Block shields of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will never blink with lights again. But you have a chance to feel yourself in shoes of those who once stood at the control panel, to imagine the pressure, the responsibility, the severity of knowledge, returning to the past for a moment.
  • machine (turbine) hall.
    Heavy work area. Nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy here. Huge turbines are turning generators of high power.
  • reactor hall.
    Heart of the unit. The nuclear reactor is situated here. This is the place where nuclear energy is created. Workers in the nuclear power plant will tell how it happens. In the vast central hall of the reactor department, you will be able to see the lid of the reactor.
  • Memorial to Valery Khodemchuk, buried under the ruins of the reactor.
    In the fatal moment Khodemchuk was in the north loop of the north side of the reactor, just where the power of The first victim of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986, became an employee of the reactor department of the 2nd turn, senior operator of the main circulation pumps Valery Ilyich Khodemchuk. Huge pumps weighing tens of tons each controlled by him, were responsible for circulation of coolant (water) in the reactor.
  • room with MCP (main circulation pumps).
    You can visit the similar to working place of Valery Khodemchuk room, and see the huge pumps, which once used to force moving tons of water through the reactor.
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