According to scientists, Chernobyl will not be able to live for 48 thousand more years. 32 years after the Chernobyl explosion, "hot spots" are scattered throughout the Exclusion Zone: land plots, abandoned cars, buildings and even children's toys that emit deadly doses of radiation. Over the past decade, once closed territory has turned into a Mecca for stalkers, extreme tourists, fans of the popular youth series and the computer game "STALKER." A tourist trip to Chernobyl is a chance to find yourself in the nostalgic 80s, to see an exemplary ghost town of the times of the USSR, secret military facilities and a notorious reactor. The Zone of Alienation is reviving, surprises visitors with the riot of greenery, an abundance of rare species of wild animals, fancy plants, mushrooms and surreal fish. The guides say: Chernobyl is coming to "reset", to feel the value of life, the fragility of human happiness and to return again. Tourists are offered safe for health 1-3 day tours, accompanied by an experienced guide. The program includes: sights of Pripyat: the destroyed pier, a stadium, an amusement park, a school; an observation platform for the new Sarcophagus of the fourth power unit, a pond with giant soms, a surprisingly budget-friendly eco-friendly dining room of the ChNPP; "Red Forest", a cemetery of radioactive ships and barges, abandoned villages of 30 km zone. Self-travelers of abandoned villages of the "dead" zone welcome guests, willingly talk about life, share fantastic stories about alien interference, mutants and abnormal phenomena seen by "eyewitnesses" in the disaster area. At Chernobyl NPP visitors get acquainted with little-known facts of the Chernobyl tragedy, communicate with the liquidators of the accident and the current workers of the non-operating station.