Chernobyl - a place of extreme rest, exciting experiences, a chance to realize the fragility and value of a peaceful life! Here the stalkers are waiting for another world with legends about anomalous zones, mutants, ghost town reminiscent of the scenery for the popular youth series or the Hollywood blockbuster about the apocalypse. The official representative of "Chernobyl Tour" organizes author's excursions to the Exclusion Zone, develops a program that is safe for health, thought out to trivia route: In the mysterious and uninhabited Pripyat with abandoned streets, semi-ruined houses, schools, an amusement park and a river dock. The infamous "Red Forest", damaged after the explosion at the nuclear power plant and surprising today with a greenery, surreal mushrooms, the sonorous singing of birds and an abundance of frightened animals. At the secret radar station "Duga", known as the military object "Russian Woodpecker", with giant antennas for tracking US ballistic missiles. To the abandoned villages, in which there live talkative and hospitable self-travelers, who returned to their homes after anthropogenic disaster. Excursion in the Exclusion Zone is accompanied by an experienced guide who knows in detail the safe and scenic routes. Control of the received dose of radiation, observance of rules of behavior and recommendations of the guide is a must for a tourist when visiting a 30 km zone. For travelers guide: conducts a course of survival in the radiation area; acquaints participants of liquidation of the accident and workers at the Chernobyl NPP; organizes a visit to historical places, important for Chernobyl, monuments; organizes comfortable transport, meals in an environmentally friendly dining room for employees of nuclear power plants. The official permission to visit the closed territory, insurance is issued by the tour operator in advance (7-14 days) provided that a copy of the passport is provided, the identification code. To pass control at the checkpoint during the trip, be sure to carry the original identity documents. The dosimeter is rented to each participant for an additional fee before the excursion begins.