Contrary to the widespread misconception, Chernobyl is a people-inhabited city, in which 800 people live and work continuously. Arriving with an excursion tourists are surprised by the cleanliness of the streets, grooming of lawns and monuments. In Chernobyl, a hotel, a canteen, a tourist hostel, a cafe and a shop are open. What attractions to visit? Reactor 4 of the power unit More than 30 years ago, the explosion of the reactor caused the evacuation of more than 200 thousand people from the territory, the size of a small European state! Today, see the "hellish" reactor can be accompanied by a guide from the observation deck, located three hundred meters from the site of the disaster. Despite the construction of a new protective sarcophagus "Arka", the radiation background in this place is increased, so the time spent on the site is limited, controlled by the guide. The Holy Ilyinsky Temple An amazing place, preserved radiation and spiritual purity! The family of the abbot participated in the revival of an abandoned church with an interesting history. When the temple was rebuilt under the floor, the builders found the bust of Emperor Alexander II, hidden by the parishioners during the Stalinist repressions. In the church pray for the dead liquidators at the icon of St. Sergius of Chernobyl, are attached to the ancient miraculous icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The church helps the self-farmers of the surrounding villages with products, promotes electricity and water. Chernobyl-2 The classified object of the times of the USSR is the military settlement and the radar station "Duga-1" is located several kilometers from Chernobyl. Before the accident, even local residents did not know about the existence of the mysterious "shadow" of the model city of atomic scientists. One of the three most powerful and modern radar stations of the Soviet Union has been designed with gigantic dimensions (height 150 m, length 500 m). The radio center was intended for tracking the flight of US ballistic missiles in the event of war. The cost of building the object "Chernobyl-2" cost the USSR in an amount two times higher than the budget for the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.