In 1986, the deadly and invisible enemy - radiation, caused the massive displacement of 200 thousand inhabitants from 30 km of the zone, located from the epicenter of the atomic explosion. Thirty years after the man-made disaster, one can say with certainty that the organized tours of the official representative of the Chernobyl Tour are absolutely safe for the health of tourists. Surprisingly, the consequences of the tragedy turned the territory of a European country into an animal reserve for rare species such as brown bear, lynx, deer. Today the word "Chernobyl" becomes a tourist brand, attracting up to 50 thousand visitors annually to the Exclusion Zone. 2/3 of the tourists of the closed zone are foreigners from 86 countries of Europe, the USA, China, Japan. On the territory of the city of Chernobyl there is a hotel, a cafe "Desyatka", a hostel, a dining room for employees of the nuclear power plant (where tourists eat with pleasure) with a wide choice of dishes and budget prices. In the local shop, tourists are invited to buy souvenirs and T-shirts with the ChNPP logo for memory. Village "Strakhalessye", located at the fence of 30 km zone, became an elite village with expensive cottages, amazing architecture, English lawns, security system. Rich and influential people were attracted to an abandoned, once-village, untouched natural beauty, stepping proximity to the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKiev and a normal radiation background! The Chernobyl Tourism Association proposed to make sights, the city of Pripyat, the village of Kopachi, the "Red Forest" and other buildings of the Exclusion Zone in the list of UNESKO protected sites. The proposal for inclusion is accepted for consideration by experts, with a positive decision, a mechanism for protection and protection of objects from destruction will be developed.