Mysterious, frightening, attractive - The Exclusion zone of 5 years remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine. In Chernobyl seek researchers of anomalous phenomena, foreigners and compatriots, whose childhood, youth, destiny are forever associated with the Chernobyl accident. Ten years ago the idea of ​​an excursion to Pripyat or a 10-kilometer zone seemed like a story from a fantastic film! Outposts, ghost towns, buried under the sarcophagus nuclear power plant and the terrible word "radiation", associated with the invisible threat of life. What about radiation? Radiation intelligence officers claim that radiation is still invisibly present in the Exclusion Zone. Today its level has decreased thousands of times and approached the original natural background before the Chernobyl explosion. Radiation contamination of the territory is heterogeneous and locally much higher than normal, especially in a number of objects 10 km zone. Scientific observations and regular measurements of the radiation background allow us to determine the infected "island" areas, develop safe sightseeing routes and even a tourist map of Chernobyl! How to visit the Exclusion Zone? Control over the territory is carried out by state structures, which are subordinate to the Ministry of Emergencies and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Therefore, entrust the organization of obtaining an entry permit, sightseeing and security of one's health to the official representative of the Chernobyl Tour. For beginners and experienced stalkers, exciting trips have been developed: Group 1, 2, 3-day, weekly tours, taking place according to a pre-planned excursion program. Individual excursions for one or a group of tourists (places of visits, topics, duration of the tour is determined by the customer). What to see? The Chernobyl zone is a new reality, illustrating the tragic consequences of anthropogenic catastrophe for man and the desire of a wise nature to revive. Walking along unpopulated streets of Pripyat, guests get a unique chance to return 30 years ago, to see an exemplary "city of the future" built for the employees of the Chernobyl NPP. Here forever remained unfulfilled dreams, Soviet slogans, deserted schools, restaurants and an amusement park with the "Wheel". Do you want to see the classified military object "Chernobyl-2", which even in the days of the USSR did not even know the locals? Today, the Duga complex with giant tracking antennas for launching ballistic missiles is open to stalkers. Do not believe in the existence of mutants? Go to the abandoned experimental base of radiobiology. Here, at the canal of the cooling pond of a nuclear power plant, every tourist can see and feed the bread of giant catfish! Chernobyl is a tempting terra incognita, in which one wants to return and learn endlessly. Discover an amazing world in which the nostalgic memories of the past, the tragic pictures of the apocalypse and the hope for a revival are organically intertwined!