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How to visit Chernobyl? View

How to visit Chernobyl?

Do you want to see the classified military object "Chernobyl-2", which even in the days of the USSR did not even know the locals? Today, the Duga complex with giant tracking antennas for launching ballistic missiles is open to stalkers. Do not believe in the existence of mutants? Go to the abandoned experimental base of radiobiology. Here, at the canal of the cooling pond of a nuclear power plant, every tourist can see and feed the bread of giant catfish! Chernobyl is a tempting terra incognita, in which one wants to return and learn endlessly. Discover an amazing world in which the nostalgic memories of the past, the tragic pictures of the apocalypse and the hope for a revival are organically intertwined!

The most extreme tour View

The most extreme tour

Chernobyl - a place of extreme rest, exciting experiences, a chance to realize the fragility and value of a peaceful life! Here the stalkers are waiting for another world with legends about anomalous zones, mutants, ghost town reminiscent of the scenery for the popular youth series or the Hollywood blockbuster about the apocalypse.

Chernobyl is safe! View

Chernobyl is safe!

Since April 1986, 32 years have passed and the radiation situation on the territory of the Chernobyl zone has changed positively: the level of gamma radiation from the moment of erection of the "Sarcophagus" over the reactor, according to scientists, decreased by 5 times, and the radiation background became non-uniform; outside the 10 km zone, except for individual localized areas and objects, the dosimeter's readings have long returned to normal values; in the area of ​​the reactor for tourists laid special routes for safe visits to the observation deck with a view of the mobile structure of the new "Arka" sarcophagus over the 4th reactor of the power unit;

Chernobyl in Pripyat - Myths View

Chernobyl in Pripyat - Myths

The aureole of mystery and secrecy has spawned numerous legends about the life hidden from extraneous eyes on the territory contaminated with radiation. What of the stories told by the stalkers and self-travelers, is it true, but what is fiction? Today in our article!

Interesting facts about Chernobyl View

Interesting facts about Chernobyl

In 1986, the deadly and invisible enemy - radiation, caused the massive displacement of 200 thousand inhabitants from 30 km of the zone, located from the epicenter of the atomic explosion. Thirty years after the man-made disaster, one can say with certainty that the organized tours of the official representative of the Chernobyl Tour are absolutely safe for the health of tourists.

Tour to Chernobyl View

Tour to Chernobyl

Over the past decade, once closed territory has turned into a Mecca for stalkers, extreme tourists, fans of the popular youth series and the computer game "STALKER." A tourist trip to Chernobyl is a chance to find yourself in the nostalgic 80s, to see an exemplary ghost town of the times of the USSR, secret military facilities and a notorious reactor.

Excursion around Pripyat View

Excursion around Pripyat

More than 30 years ago, the explosion at Unit 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant permanently changed the life of the model city of nuclear scientists, 50,000 people were urgently evacuated from Pripyat. The average age of residents of the Soviet city at the time of the disaster was 26 years. Within 2 days after the accident, young families went massively, taking documents and things with them for the first time, with the hope that they would return home in a month.

Sights of Chernobyl View

Sights of Chernobyl

Contrary to the widespread misconception, Chernobyl is a people-inhabited city, in which 800 people live and work continuously. Arriving with an excursion tourists are surprised by the cleanliness of the streets, grooming of lawns and monuments. In Chernobyl, a hotel, a canteen, a tourist hostel, a cafe and a shop are open.