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Visit Chernobyl

Remote place, mysterious atmosphere combined with picturesque views- is it something that appeals to you? If yes, then you should definitely visit Chernobyl zone which will make you feel thrilled, anxious and delighted. Chernobyl is located on the bank of the river Pripyat and is surrounded with deep forests, gorgeous landscapes and eternal silence, that is buried here for good. There you can see a town with its abandoned houses, old buildings and forgotten streets. Our company is going to make sure that this trip will be a long lasting memory for you.

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Simple, concrete, informative. From pick up to drop off, the driver and the guide took care of everything. Trip was perfect length, provided food, the guide was professional and knowledgeable about the topic. We were able to book this trip 2 days in advance, when other companies were not offering the same. Strongly recommend to book a private trip if you can, the insights and individual touring is worth the money.

Nojus M

Super. Very interesting trip. A post-apocalyptic world that lives a different reality. Decent tour operator.

Евгений К


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Visiting Chernobyl is not so dangerous as it may seem. A radiation dose for 1 day is roughly the same as during 1-hour flight. It means that it's not only 160 times less compared to the radiation dose that you get doing your chest X-ray, but also 3600 times less than CT scanning your whole body!